Friday, November 30, 2012


I haven't posted on here in SO long! Feels great to be back. So much has happened in the past couple months! For starters....

I am due June 17, 2013. I cannot wait but I can wait all at the same time LOL. I am very excited to bring another sweet baby into this world but I am extremely nervous about taking care of two young babies, especially with my busy busy Aubree.
My next appointment is Monday, can't wait to see my baby love moving all around and to make sure everything is moving in the right direction :) I am doing an early gender ultrasound at 15 weeks with Baby Connection on December 23rd! This time I have planned to do a cake cutting party where I invite friends and family to find out the sex of the baby with Sean and I. I feel like I am going to cry like a little baby. I have been so emotional at the littlest things, such a dork! Either sex, i'll be happy. We have our names picked out but i'll wait a little bit to announce that.
My Etsy shop has been doing pretty well lately. I have fun making new stuff for people :)
I can't wait to find out what i'm having so I can start decorating cause i'm crazy like that!!! I have SO many crafts I want to make for this baby. Burp cloths, nursing cover, carseat canopy, part of the bedding, letters for the wall, onesies, headbands(for a girl) etc. YAAAAY craft crazy!!!
I can't forget to talk about how LUCKY I am to have NO morning sickness, wow, it's amazing!
Until next time <3.....