Thursday, October 24, 2013

My personal goal

Losing weight after baby number 2 is so much harder plus all the extra skin (yay!). I am setting a goal for myself to lose my last 6 pounds before my birthday November 16th. About a month ago I started eating really healthy and I lost 10 pounds, but then started eating all that junk again (ugh!). Luckily I didn't gain it back, but still! I have been working out a lot at the gym. I am stuck at home this week because the babes have been sick so they cant go in the gym daycare and I also have had a cold. I've been doing a lot of running on the treadmill and I'm starting to add the x-bike cycle class into my routine. I wish I had a personal trainer to show me way more machines there but I don't right now. (MAYBE... a birthday present... Sean.....) My biggest downfall with eating is 7oclock, 8oclock, 9oclock, 10oclock. lol I love me some sweets at those hours.

First, I am going to start with switching all my drinks to water. I rarely drink soda or juice but whenever I go out to eat.. i'll get a water instead. I realllllly need to start drinking a lot more water especially because I am still breastfeeding Kenzie. I also need to re-do my recipes with healthier, less-fattening meals.

I am currently at 150 lbs. Before I got pregnant with Aubree I was 144 and I lost all that weight and when I got pregnant with Kenzie I was exactly 144 again. My first goal is to get back down to 144. Then set my next goal for 135. It's going to be super tough for me. I LOVE candy, sweets, fruit snacks, coke slurpees.

I am going to continue to update as I go along!

Dinner tonight is a healthy soup! Lots of veggies, beans, chicken :) mmmm!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fun stay-at-home-mama!

Over the past few days I have really been trying to look into ways to be a fun stay at home mom. Miss Aubree is a very busy child and needs more fun things to do. She is super tired of her toys (yes, I have rotated them). I want to incorporate a story time in the day, craft time, outside play, etc.

Yesterday I grabbed some leaves from outside and we put the leaf under the paper and crayon-ed it onto the paper. Well, I did all the work but she enjoyed coloring all over the paper and asking mommy to draw things like stars, hearts, triangles, diamonds, mamas car (lol).

Today I am about to make some playdoh! I like that its homemade (cheaper) and if she were to eat it she'd be fine!

I would loveeee some more ideas for projects to do! I also want to do some sort of shape sorting. She LOVES shapes! I also want to start teaching her colors, she knows the color purple very well lol. Everything is purple to her.

Thank you! I plan on blogging more! :)