Friday, April 25, 2014

10 months old

kenzie jordyn hanners 

I cannot believe you are already 10 months old. Time has flown by. In two short months you will be ONE. what the heck.
You are crawling and pulling yourself up on everything. You also bump your head quite a lot in the process. You love crawling around and getting into all the toys. You make lots of messes for mama to clean up, but at least you are happy while making them.
You slept from 8pm all the way until 6am last night, yahoooo! I think you got tired of crying at 3am because mommy won't feed you at night. My favorite thing is when you wake up and Aubree and I walk into your room, you have the biggest smile on your face when you see your sister. You love her so much!
You are definitely hitting that stage where you no longer want to wear a headband... whyyy??? I love headbands and I want you to always keep one on. I will just continue on with the struggle.
I totally forgot about this stage but for the past month or so you have been in the {I don't want to lay still while you change my clothes or diaper phase.} woo and it's a tough one! I have tried every toy to keep you still but nope!
Most of all, you light up my life. You are such an amazing baby girl and I can't wait to see what our future will be like. Keep on smiling and know that mama loves you!