Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fun stay-at-home-mama!

Over the past few days I have really been trying to look into ways to be a fun stay at home mom. Miss Aubree is a very busy child and needs more fun things to do. She is super tired of her toys (yes, I have rotated them). I want to incorporate a story time in the day, craft time, outside play, etc.

Yesterday I grabbed some leaves from outside and we put the leaf under the paper and crayon-ed it onto the paper. Well, I did all the work but she enjoyed coloring all over the paper and asking mommy to draw things like stars, hearts, triangles, diamonds, mamas car (lol).

Today I am about to make some playdoh! I like that its homemade (cheaper) and if she were to eat it she'd be fine!

I would loveeee some more ideas for projects to do! I also want to do some sort of shape sorting. She LOVES shapes! I also want to start teaching her colors, she knows the color purple very well lol. Everything is purple to her.

Thank you! I plan on blogging more! :)

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