Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm allowed to change my mind....

I'm pregnant, DUHHH!
So, I have completely changed my mind on the nursery decor colors and everything! I was searching online tonight at premade crib bedding sets and I found the CUTEST set. Even Sean loves it... ALOT. So I am checking it out and looking at all the details and I come across the price... 250$............ FIGURES! I will NOT spend that much money on a dumb crib bedding! After staring at the bedding for a while I remember that i've seen that fabric somewhere online. I googled and what do you know... there is the fabric! I am so beyond excited! It's only $7.48 per yard too! SCORE!
Like my previous post... I want to make all that same cute stuff but I want to use the chevron and flower fabric!
I'm not going to make the bumper because I probably won't use it and i'm too lazy to spend that much time on it!
I can't wait!!!! Now what color should I paint the dresser??? Dark Gray?? 

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