Saturday, January 26, 2013

Baby Items I want!

So I basically have everything for my new baby girl! I have way TOO many clothes and I can make all the accessories!
So here is my list of things that I am going to buy and a few things I really want and hope I will end up buying lol!
I don't know why but I am such a planner and like to have things organized and planned out, that's why we have this post :)
First thing:
InStep Safari Tandem Jogging Stroller
So happy that this isn't side by side because I would only use it for walks. This one I can use for everywhere! Love!
InStep Safari Tandem Jogger
Next thing:
Beco Gemini Baby Carrier
This has such amazing reviews and it can hold children forever basically. This would be nice to carry Aubree sometimes when I can't use a stroller lol. But, I want one so I can lug baby #2 around easier.
Product Photo
Last thing:
Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Diaper Bag
I LOVE how big this is and that you can wear it as a backpack!
Obviously I am trying to find a used one because I don't want to spend 180$ on a diaper bag... so Ebay is my friend :)
I will cross them off my list as I go!
Feel free to DONATE to my wants :)
<3 Whitney

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