Friday, August 10, 2012

Blessed Mama

I feel so blessed to be Aubree's mom! She is the most precious, fun, sweet baby to be around. She brightens every day of mine! She has been so much happier now that she is walking and can do what she wants....finally :) I am so in love with that little girl it's not even funny. I rocked her to sleep tonight and she laid her head down on me so fast and was listening to me sing. We both fell asleep for a little bit and I woke up with a pile of drool and sweat on my chest ha ha! I just want to snuggle her all day and night! Wish I was a stay at home mommy! One day...

Sean and my anniversary was so much fun! It was nice to be able to enjoy eachother without having to change a diaper and to have a nice quiet dinner. The weather was amazing in Santa Cruz as well... lets go back now!! <3

Goodnight! I'm a tired girl!

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