Wednesday, December 5, 2012

GOOD Morning!

I FINALLY slept all through the night!!!!! I feel as if my cold is going away quickly, how did I luck out?! I usually get the worst cold that lasts way too long.


A friend Shelley's sweet baby girl Chloe has been offered a heart for a transplant today! What a great early Christmas gift, I wish her the best through this process. Let's all say a prayer! I think this is the link to her facebook group page Keeping Up With Chloe--!/groups/140353972768956/?fref=ts

My baby Aubree has been a little handful this morning, but you know what, instead of going crazy... i'm just going to be thankful for my baby girls health. I am lucky that Aubree is able to be running around crazy and whining, there are many who lose their children, have sick children who would do anything for a healthy baby. Soooo.... here's to a patient day :D that is hopefully filled with lots of smiles and laughter!

Hope everyone enjoys their day! I have LOTS AND LOTS of cleaning to do today.... YAY!!!

<3 Whitney

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