Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nursery Planning!

I am SUPER excited to plan the nursery. I was the same way when I was pregnant with Aubree too! :) This time I want grey and white CHEVRON wooo. Chevron is my new love! <3 I am gonna post a few pictures of what I want to create. I plan on making most of the nursery decor because it will save me lots of money...I hope.

 So what I have in my head is a handmade chevron bed skirt like this one..Should be SUPER easy to make and be pretty cheap compared to Etsy and what not.
I am going to make a baby blanket/comforter even though I rarely ever used Aubree's on her bed. But whatever it's cute and I want to make it. I want to do the one side grey and white chevron and the other side lavender minky fabric, soooo soft! :)
Next I want to BUY a lavender fitted sheet. The reason for buying is because I dont know if I have the patience to make a fitted sheet. Adding elastic on the corners does not sound appealing to me!
I don't think i'm going to make crib bumpers because I hardly used them for Aubree. If I do need some I have some white breatheable bumpers that I can use.
I recently bought a $30 dresser from a garage sale type website that's local. It's a little beat up but my brother in law is going to help me sand it down and paint it/spray paint it! So after looking on pinterest forever.. I see a lavender/purple dresser. Hmm... how cute would that be! But is it worth it for me to paint it lavender. I am really not sure. So maybe I'll stick with white but here's both pictures!
I love the short and long style dressers so I can put the changing pad on it and have a little spot to put diapers, wipes, cream, etc. These dressers are similar to what I bought. I want a lavender changing pad cover.. once again I think i'll just purchase that because me and adding elastic don't work well together. We have a brown minky one for Aubree so lavender minky for the new baby girl!
Now for the fun stuff! I want to make all of these silly pointless things. I know they are worthless but it gives me something to do while I wait all the way until June to see my new baby love! So here they are. Keep in mind everything will be in grey and white and lavender colors.
(^^^car seat canopy for all those nasty people wanting to be touchy, fabric will be a lot thinner since i'm having a summer baby)
And you can't forget wall art! At this time I don't think we are going to paint the room so it will stay white. So I need lots of pretties to go on the wall. I can make all of them so that will be easy and MUCH cheaper. I think I will wrap a few canvas boards with the grey and white chevron fabric.
I recently bought a boppy pillow for $5-$10 (can't remember exactly). I want to make a cover for it! So here's an idea of what want to make!

Last but not least burp cloths!!! YAY I like making these! I've actually made a few recently for my Etsy customers and one set for a baby shower. I like making ones that are solely cotton fabric and the other side being minky fabric! They are super cute and big!
Ok Ok one last picture! This is something I WANT SOMEONE TO MAKE ME PLEASE! I don't want to spend a million dollars on it but I REALLY want one! For like....$20. C'mon make me one!


  1. You should definitely go for painting the dresser lavender. You'll be so happy with it!

    Let me know how I can help - I love crafting! :D

  2. Thanks Landon.. I think i'm going to paint it lavender! WHY NOT! It will be fun! I would love for you to come help with anything. We will set up a day so the babies can play!