Monday, August 13, 2012


Good Afternoon!

I have been looking at krazy coupon lady's website! I would love to start couponing, NOT extreme couponing because I dont have the time and/or patience for that. But hey if I can save .50 to 1.00 on things I buy normally...why not?? Sean and I are going grocery shopping tonight and I have a few coupons to bring :) I'm excited!

I found a $5 off coupon for babies r us or toys r us! You don't even have to spend a minimum amount which is awesome!

Alright, well wish me luck on my coupon adventure! I have to save as much $$ as possible with Sean going into the credential program next week and he will only be working 3 days a week! AHHHH, I don't want to be broke! :(


Off to the fountains little water park soon with some friends and baby friends <3


  1. Oh man, with cory and I both working in restaurants and me finishing up at Sac State, we are ALWAYS broke. Coupons and groupons keep us going!

  2. Yes it's not a good feeling! Groupons are good, I can never find too many that I like though! :(