Friday, July 6, 2012

Eventful Day

Today was such a great day! Sean, Aubree and I visited Sean's grandma in Napa! We had lunch and let Aubree play for a little bit then went to the pool and swam! Aubree was so tired by the time we went to the pool that she was falling asleep in my arms in the water! After Napa we decided to stop at the Fairfield mall and do a little shopping. We got the CUTEST build-a-bear for Aubree for her first birthday! We even recorded our voices so she can hear it whenever she presses the hand <3 <3! And.... Aubree had her first sippy cup of COWS MILK tonight!!! :) She LOVED it!!! :) Oh my goodness.... I ran over Aubree's poor pinky with the closet door tonight... needless to say we were both crying and her finger is now swollen... mean mommy! :(

On the bright side here are some pictures from today <3...

Mary, Aubree, and Sean.

Aubree trying to climb up the stairs but the capris were not allowing that! :)


Of course she was playing with the magazine rack and taking out every magazine and map...

I am starting to have an obsession with willow trees... sorry about the angle... I never claimed to be a photographer ;)

So sweet! <3

I love this angel so much! :)

Aubree's first time drinking cows milk and it was a hit! ;)

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