Friday, July 13, 2012

Walking baby

Oh my goodness... I can't believe my baby girl is starting to walk now!! This happened so suddenly! I just got home from work and we were playing and she stood there for a second not holding on to anything and started taking steps which took me by surprise! I had no idea she would be walking now. She barely ever stands on her own without holding on to something. It was such an amazing experience! I am the luckiest girl that I am able to witness all the new things my baby love is doing! I am so proud of her! :) Tonight she was walking to me, Sean, and Trajen all night! She was laughing soooo hard too! I love her wayyyy toooooo much! <3 I am so thankful for all the great moments with Aubree, they seriously make all the bad, hard, stressful times way better!

Now she can stop growing and stay my little baby forever! It's all happening way too fast and you seriously can't blink because you will miss so much!

I started working on a baby shower gift for my boss Wendy tonight! Turned out super cute, I'm not completely finished yet but I am so proud of what I have done! I will post pictures of the gift after I give it to her so I don't ruin any surprises :) YAY

Next project: FINISH Aubree's birthday decorations!!!!
I keep delaying what I want to do... and I know it will be the day before and i'll be juggling crafts, cakes, food, etc.... ahhhh! Stressful!!

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