Friday, July 20, 2012

ohhh life!

Life has been so busy lately... getting ready for Aubree's party, best friend in town, and other random things to do including work! We went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie last night and it was really good. It kept my interest which is very rare at the movies haha! We got home around 3:45am and went to bed around 4 and I had to wake up at 7 to get ready for work! Exhaustion hit me around 230-3 at work, ahhh! Luckily I went home and Aubree needed a nap so all three of us napped for about an hour and half in seperate rooms haha! Then had a big shopping trip to buy the food for Aubree's party on sunday.

So I have been thinking non stop about a friend from school who has 7 month old baby girl that is having heart failure. I literally think about it all day. I could not imagine going through that, she is so strong and brave. She has been updating a lot on facebook which is good because I want to know how she is doing. The last that I read the baby is being flighted to Stanford for a heart transplant. Things like this are such a wake up call to spend every second you can with your baby and try to be patient with them during tough times. I have a hard time being patient sometimes when Aubree is screaming and throwing fits. I love my baby so much and I am so thankful she is healthy. I have been giving her a lot of extra lovings lately. I couldn't imagine going through what Shelley is going through! I honestly started to cry about it tonight, things like this tear me apart. I really wish for the best for baby Chloe <3

On a happier note, I work tomorrow and after work me and Erin are gonna make the cakes for Aubree's birthday party <3 yaaaay! Can't wait! :)

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