Thursday, July 26, 2012


Oh my goodness... so after like a week of me not being able to find my blog, I am back! I forgot my password, reset it.... and it still wouldn't find my blog. I really started to panic!


This has been a great week! My sweet baby girl turned ONE and had a fabulous party with all her best friends and family! The party was a tad hectic haha considering there was about fifty people but we made it through! Aubree is super spoiled and got so many great gifts! Thank you again to all of her family and friends! She has been lovin' all the toys she received! I even put a few of the toys up in the closet for when she is bored of her toys I can set out another set that she can play with! Thanks mama for that idea! ;)

On Aubree's birthday we went to the zoo with grammy and Mason. Aubree could really care less about animals and zoo's and fairytale land! But we all had fun watching Mason look at the animals. Aubree went in the spa at grammys and was a super wiggle worm the whole time! I even set up her new outdoor water park thing at our house! She loved it, water was shooting up everywhere! Thanks Kristen!

She had a doctors appointment today and she is 20 lbs and 15 oz, and she is 30 inches tall in the 78th percentile. She came home and napped off the pain from FIVE shots and we went to the fair with my MIL Kelley and Auntie Tay Tay! We had fun and had lots to eat! :) Taylor and I even went on a crazy ride, ahhhh!

I MADE A HEALTHY DINNER TONIGHT!  I am so proud! We had black bean quesadillas. They were even on 100% whole wheat, 100 calorie tortillas! I am so excited to start making healthier choices for my family. I pinned quite a few things on pinterest to try! Feel free to leave a comment of other things I should make that are healthy! :)

My best friend was here for the past week, and it was VERY nice to see her and have our girly talk over margaritas at Cheveys! I wish she still lived here :( It was nice seeing her with my baby love. Erin is going to make such a cute mommy one day and she is gonna make little model babies haha! :)

I am so thankful for everyone who is in my life! I have an amazing husband who treats me like a princess all day everyday. I have a gorgeous, hilarious, crazy one year old who makes me crack up everyday! I have amazing family who helps take care of my booboo while Sean and I work,  without them Sean and I would be dead broke and eating out of trashcans(lol jk... well maybe not.) I have amazing friends who are always there for me and hang out with Aubree and I! :) I am so thankful that I have healthy friends and family! Love you all! <333333

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