Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I am so proud to say that little miss Aubree Chalet is no longer a bottle drinker or a pacifier girl! :)

So BYE BYE bottles! Until next time! :)

We are trying to finish up the formula so it doesn't go to waste but she loves cows milk so we are set! I am so proud of my big girl! Now we have 13 days until her birthday! I can't wait!!! I am so excited to give her the bear we made at build-a-bear! We even recorded us talking and everytime she presses the hand it says it :)

Now on to cleaning... tonight we are hosting dinner for my grandparents and our house is a complete mess! So far i've done the dishes, vacuumed the tile, cleaned up the bathroom, cleaned all the counters, organzied the fridge. On to mopping, vacuuming the carpet, cleaning up the billions of baby toys, and organzing all the random junk around the house! I say throw it all away! ;)

Adios! :) <3


  1. I always say, my house is never as clean as it is when I'm expecting company! LOL